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Pokemon SwSh - Help with Secret ID


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1 minute ago, Katasushi said:

Hey, could anyone help me find my Secret ID? I can't figure it out myself, I could trade a Pokemon to be looked at on PKHeX, or any other method you may need.  Thank you in advance

You could just trade a mon with a sysbot, then check the SID of the PK8 file.

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Join a discord server that has sysbot. Then all you gotta do set up a trade, by uploading a mon onto the channel, and using the trade command.

Check the rules of the server you're joining, and check what the trade command is.

After all that, you'll be PM'd a 8 digit link code, which you can use to trade in-game.
After the trade, the mon you traded to the bot will be sent to you as a pk8.

It's really not that complex. Just have some patience and try it out :3

(Do note that for most sysbot trades, you'll need to have an active Nintendo Subscription Online)

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