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incorrectly transferred from previous generation (pearl to sword)

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I am playing the Pearl ROM on my switch and I want to transfer over geodude and meditite that I caught to SWSH.

Attached is my SAV file with Palkia, meditite and geodude. It keeps saying "incorrectly transferred from previous generation" when I put them on my sword main or try and change a nature or anything on Palkia.

I am not sure what the issue is. Please help, Thanks.

1016 - Pokemon - Pearl Version (USA) (Rev 5).nds.sav

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You don't need to transfer with official methods; PKHeX changes all the required data for you.


Not all species exist in SWSH -- Geodude/Meditite don't exist, therefore can't be transferred in.

Gen4 Pokémon have a PID-IV correlation, and Nature is derived from PID. Change the nature, and you break the correlation, therefore illegal.

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The only Pokémon you can transfer is Palkia because is the only one that exists in SwSh (here you have a complete list of unobtainable mons).

As @Kaphotics said, you can't change Palkia's Nature without recalculate PID. The easiest way to change Nature is using a Mint directly in SwSh.

Finally, if you want a perfectly legal Pokémon, you should temporarily upload it to Pokémon HOME in order to get a HOME Tracker ID.

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