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Pokemon Go Level 15 Shiny Legends

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I play Pokemon Go and my understanding is that Legends have a met level of 15 from the weekly research tasks which can only be caught in poke balls, great balls and ultra balls. Can get them at a met level of 20 from raids and 25 from weather boosted raids, both of those only in premier balls. I'm setting up a set of shiny Legends/Mythicals in PKHeX and for some reason I'm managing to make them Level 15 in premier balls and PKHeX is saying they are legal, only one its flagging is Genesect, soon as I make that level 20 it's legal. Only way to get Level 15 ones in premier balls as far as I know is the Kanto birds and Mewtwo when transderring through Let's Go. Have attached some of the files saying they are legal. Am I missing something or is PKHeX saying they are legal when they actually aren't?

146 ★ - Moltres - 735E10676699.pk8 245 ★ - Suicune - 240B02AFCA26.pk8 250 ★ - Ho-Oh - 7D23E07CA40B.pk8 379 ★ - Registeel - F99EBD79FA2C.pk8 382 ★ - Kyogre - 4ACB6571397C.pk8 640 ★ - Virizion - 996C7C9F4044.pk8

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1 hour ago, theSLAYER said:

If I'm not mistaken, PKHeX checks date caught in, ball caught in, met level. So if you're sure those are correct, then it's legal.

Yes, that does seem to be the case. Just from what I know and the information I can find they should be illegal but PKHeX is saying they are legal. Shouldn't be any way to get a level 15 shiny Legendary in a premier ball from what I can find but maybe I'm missing something.

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On 12/23/2020 at 4:45 AM, sora10pls said:

We've looked more into how Trades are handled with downleveling once you trade to low level accounts, and have verified that the minimum is indeed 20, rather than 15. A misunderstanding from a few months ago is the cause.

PGET has been updated to handle this and it'll be revised with the next stable release of PKHeX.

Ok cool, thanks for letting me know.

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