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PokeGTS for Pokemon White (DSi)


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Hi, could someone walk me through (in very simple terms) how "upload" pokemon onto my DSi?

I've had a go but I'm completely lost.

Tried using the PKHeX to create my pokemon but then my laptop (HP Pavilion) couldn't read the files.

Also how do I get them on to the DSi?

Sorry for all the questions, I hope I've been clear!


Thanks :)

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In order to dump the save file from your game carts, you need an hacked console.

You can find info here: https://dsi.cfw.guide/

If you have the ability to run DSi Homebrew, with this you can dump and restore your saves: https://github.com/edo9300/ndsi-savedumper

If you have the criteria, you can follow one of these guides:


If you have a DS Fat/Lite with a flashcard, you can try this:


Otherwise, if you have the meanings, you can use this with an AltWFC DNS https://github.com/Gannio/Shiny2-and-a-Half
If you don't know what you are doing I would suggest to not use that as you could injekt some garbage data and corrupt your save file.

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