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Need help with a corrupted gen 1 pokemon yellow save

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Hello, I could use some help in trying to figure out if this save file that was dumped which got corrupted has anything that can be salvaged. I was dumping some save files from real carts to preserve them and when I attempted to dump a save from my yellow cartridge I ended up getting these 2 corrupted files over 2 attempts and found the save was deleted on the cart.

Not sure how this happened as the other save dumps went smoothly. The cart also was working 5 minutes earlier with the save in tact. I am unable to open these files in pkhex due to the corruption. I honestly don't know if these files contain anything useful, so some expert help would be highly appreciated! I'd be thrilled if I could salvage some or all of the pokemon that were contained in the file. Here are the 2 save files I was able to dump over. 

Thanks in advance for any help someone can provide!


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