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Pokemon GO - Transfer Game Move Errors?


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I don't play Pokemon GO anymore, but with the recent update to allow for Home compatibility are there now Pokemon that were once illegal that can now be legal?

After watching ADrive's newest video he briefly touched on this by showing an Alolan Ninetales with the move ember - 4 min mark


So this raises the question. I'm sure there are now Pokemon that can be transferred that are lower level than it's evolved level requirement and can Pokemon that know these 'Game Move Errors' be considered legal now??

GO Pokemon with moves that aren't normally learned:


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2 hours ago, NovaMac_ said:

can Pokemon that know these 'Game Move Errors' be considered legal now??

Judging by how Hydro Pump Drillbur is treated, it's likely they'll be treated as illegal.


Also, the special moves from Pokémon GO aren't transferred; the moves are reset.

What the mistake *is*, is that any mons that exist in LGPE that has a regional variant, incorrectly use the LGPE moveset.
For example:
Alolan Vulpix uses LGPE Kantonian Vulpix moveset.
Galarian Ponyta uses LGPE Kantonian Ponyta moveset.

The link you posted doesn't show error, just GO exclusive movesets.

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