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How to restore extracted save to Emerald bootleg cartridge


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Hi, I'm looking for a bit of help with the aforementioned.. I think I've done everything right. I've used the GBA back-up tool to grab the ROM from the cartridge and then extracted the save using the GBA bootleg save extractor. I've then gone into PKHeX and made the changes i wanted (event tickets) and have saved the file. I'm sure it's worked as when I reopen the save file in PKHeX the changes are there. How can I now put this back on the cart so I can play it? I'm guessing the save restore feature on GBA backup doesn't work as it's a repro cart (which I actually only found out during this process, derp). I've tried it anyway but as expected nothing seems to have changed when I play the cartridge. I can't seem to find anything about this, would anyone be able to give me a lil bit of help? Cheers! :)


P.S. when I tried to get the tickets, it asked me if I wanted to include one that wasn't on the list and something about it being japanese (I can't remember), I wasn't sure what to hit, so just went for okay. could this cause a problem?

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