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Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Ash Charizard Nickname Issue

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That's most likely a PKHeX bug within the import of the Event, the wc8 uploaded cames directly from the BCAT.

It hasn't even been changed recently. Comparing the wondercard uploaded with the latest BCAT, they are identical. If I remember correctly me and @theSLAYER have also compared our WCs and despite a different name (his WC was from Shield BCAT, while I use Sword) the hex content was absolutely the same.

I also Redeemed the Charizard with an actual code in my game, and indeed the Pokémon comes with the nickname.

IIRC, if redeemed in a KOR game, it will not gain the Nickname. But I could be wrong in this.

For reference this is my latest dump:

BCAT - 2020.11.03 @ 11.12.30.zip

And this is the Slayer's dump with the Shield "revision" of the Wondercard:


The PJCS Gastrodon also has this problem.

It seems that the problem is with the oriental lang Wondercards which have a set nickname.

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