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Arceus problem from 5 gen to 7 gen

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Hi guys i have a problem like i write in the title and i m sure you can help me. Well i m trying to pass Arceus  (catch in pokemon platinum with azure flute) in pokemon Black so 5th gen to pokemon ultramoon so 7th gen with poketrasnfer and it don't pass. Follow i upload the pic of all his info. Please say me what i should change for have it in 7th gen, becouse i saw videos that a lot of people success.

Thanks in advance




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10 hours ago, BlackShark said:

The Azure Flute was never released, so there was never a way to legally catch Arceus in DPPt.

ok i know, if i want modify that arceus in MICHINA arceus got from event (wonder card) how i should do? becouse i fail

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