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PMD Explorers of Sky - The Talking Protagonist


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Welcome everyone to my attempt at a full fledged rewrite of the Explorers series of Mystery Dungeon games. It always bothered me that the protagonist just acted as a mute through most of the story, despite clearing speaking at certain points. This hack attempts to make the hero Pokemon a character in their own right, they'll have lots to say on the topics that come up in the story (for better of for worse).

Now along with this, I'm also making some moderate to significant changes to how events play out as well. As I felt there were more than a few things that either could have been expanded on, or just better explained. See below my to do list.

  • Introduce Darkrai much earlier in the story
  • The hero's amnesia will not be permanent or as severe, they will remember more and more as time goes on
  • A better explanation provided for why Chatot steals most of your money
  • Reworking the lore of the time gears to explain why everybody acts like they were always meant to be in 5 different locations
  • Providing an explanation for how tf Darkrai got into Temporal Tower
  • Potentially creating a branching story where the hero has to chooses to go with Grovyle early before they get sucked into the future, putting them at odds with their partner.

As of right now, the hack is still very much in Alpha, so while an effort has been made to ensure play-ability, do be aware that some text spacing may have slipped under my radar.  If you enjoyed the game, or found anything you didn't like, please let me know! I'm always looking to improve my writing and make the most involved and memorable rendition of Explorers' story that I can. So as of writing this post, the current Alpha goes right up until the end of chapter 3. Patching instructions are below ->


  1. Please ensure you are using a USA ROM of Explorers of Sky
  2. Download XDelta - https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/598/
  3. Download and extract the patch below
  4. Patch and enjoy :)








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Guest I have a question th

Question how do I get totodile cause everytime I get Jolly it's always munchlax?

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2024 and still no update since it was made, which is a bummer because i enjoyed this romhack, i like that the protagonist is actually talking and was curious to see how that will go in the story.

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