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Shiny Celebi PID reroll problem (Card # 0108 - Mystery Gift)


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Hi people, (sorry for bad english) I have this problem when I try to reroll PID on this shiny celebi (event from the movie 2020). I tried to reroll a lot but I get this error everytime, what I'm doing wrong? (I can change without problems: EC, OT by language of the event, date, etc).
I'm using the PKHEX's MG database and I think that it doesn't have fixed PID (like the Shiny Zeraora).
I've tried rerolling with normal shiny and on square shiny


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8 hours ago, ICanSnake said:

Yes, Celebi does have a fixed PID, as do other shiny gen 8 events (Korean Amoonguss). The only way it's legal is to have that fixed PID, earlier versions of PKHeX didn't account for this. What do you need a rerolled PID for?

Great, thanks! I dind't know that (I was trying to reroll so I can have a different PID Celebi, as I did that on old events. Now I know it's useless). I thoght Zeraora was an exception 😆.

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