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Wi-Fi Trade Help - Pokemon Sword - Event Eevee

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I recently lost my copy of Let's Go! with a Festa 2019 event shiny Eevee inside that I wanted to use for my main Sword storyline. 😢 I came across this website and saw the event link existed here. I spent some time trying to replicate my lost Eevee before realising I can't actually send it to my Switch...

Would anyone be so kind as to help trade it into my Sword game? I have attached the file I modified here and can set a link trade code.

If you're feeling extra generous, I'd love for it to be an Umbreon prior to the trade or to have a Soothe Bell. (I wasn't sure how to evolve it without getting the error prompt, so I left it as an Eevee.)

Since I've never tried PKHeX before, I'm also attaching my screenshots here just in case I did something incorrectly:


This is the event Eevee I had:

These are the edits I made to better align with the one I lost:


Thank you so much in advance!

133 ★ - 이브이 - 85371A08D0B0.pb7

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