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Similar to the generation 4, the third generation games does not encrypt Pokémon data in the RAM; therefore, making the process of finding Pokémon data during battles becomes relatively easy. As outlined on Data Crystal’s “Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen:RAM map” enemy Pokémon start at index 0x0202402C and party Pokémon start at 0x02024284 in the RAM with each Pokémon consisting of 100 bytes. However, only the first 80 bytes is important for extracting Pokémon from the RAM with the structure looks like this.


Offset Structure in RAM Structure in Save File
0x00 PID PID
0x01 PID PID
0x03 PID PID
0x04 PID PID
0x05 ID ID
0x06 ID ID
0x07 SID SID
0x08 SID SID
0x09 PKMN Name PKMN Name
0x0A PKMN Name PKMN Name
0x0B PKMN Name PKMN Name
0x0C PKMN Name PKMN Name
0x0D PKMN Name PKMN Name
0x0E PKMN Name PKMN Name
0x0F PKMN Name PKMN Name
0x10 PKMN Name PKMN Name
0x11 PKMN Name PKMN Name
0x12 Language Language
0x13 Language Language
0x14 OT OT
0x15 OT OT
0x16 OT OT
0x17 OT OT
0x18 OT OT
0x19 OT OT
0x1A OT OT
0x1B Markings Markings
0x1C Not in RAM Checksum
0x1D Not in RAM Checksum
0x1E ??? 1 ??? 1
0x1F ??? 1 ??? 1
0x20 Move 1 Species
0x21 Move 1 Species
0x22 Move 2 Item
0x23 Move 2 Item
0x24 Move 3 EXP
0x25 Move 3 EXP
0x26 Move 4 EXP
0x27 Move 4 EXP
0x28 PP 1 PP Max
0x29 PP 2 Friendship
0x2A PP 3 ??? 2
0x2B PP 4 ??? 2
0x2C PKRus Move 1
0x2D Met Move 1
0x2E Origin Info Move 2
0x2F Origin Info Move 2
0s30 IVs Move 3
0x31 IVs Move 3
0x32 IVs Move 4
0x33 IVs Move 4
0x34 Ribbons PP 1
0x35 Ribbons PP 2
0x36 Ribbons PP 3
0x37 Ribbons PP 4
0x38 Species HP EV
0x39 Species Attack EV
0x3A Item Defense EV
0x3B Item Speed EV
0x3C EXP Sp. Attack EV
0x3D EXP Sp. Defense EV
0x3E EXP Cool
0x3F EXP Beauty
0x40 PP Max Cute
0x41 Friendship Smart
0x42 ??? 2 Tough
0x43 ??? 2 Feel
0x44 HP EV PKRus
0x45 Attack EV Met
0x46 Defense EV Origin Info
0x47 Speed EV Origin Info
0x48 Sp. Attack EV IVs
0x49 Sp. Defense EV IVs
0x4A Cool IVs
0x4B Beauty IVs
0x4C Cute Ribbons
0x4D Smart Ribbons
0x4E Tough Ribbons
0x4F Feel Ribbons

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