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Ageto Celebi and Mattle Ho-Oh 'Soft-Resetting' with Save Dumps

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Not to be misleading with my title, obviously you can not 'soft-reset' for these types of distributions. 

With the advent of being able to dump save files (what I equate to save states), I have questions about distributing Ho-Oh and Celebi. They are basically the same questions twice:


You can normally only receive 1 per completed Colosseum save file.

1. If I were to save after the 99th person and dump the save, could I potentially keep defeating the 100th trainer, receiving Ho-Oh, transfer it, and then reload the save file to repeat the process?

2. If YES, to the above, will the Ho-Oh's distributed this way be unique? If they are not unique, at what point is the Ho-OH 'RNG seed' determined?

3. Could this same procedure work for obtaining all three Johto starters in XD? (saving of course only after the 90th trainer in this case because of Story Mode Mt. Battle 'Zones')


You can normally only receive 48 Celebi's on a GBA cart (with national dex) per a completed Colosseum save file.

1. Is this number (48) counter tied to the Colosseum save file? Does the bonus disk use any memory card? 

2. Will a save dump (of Colosseum) prior to distributing Celebi provide for 'infinite Celebi's' off a single colosseum play through (assuming the save dump is reloaded prior to every distribution)?

3. If YES, to the above, will the Celebi's distributed this way be unique, or more specifically, the very first Celebi distributed? If the first Celebi distributed on each re-load is not unique, at what point is the RNG seed determined? Are there only 48 unique Ageto Celebi's in total for all bonus discs?

4. Are these answers the same for the Light ball Pikachu on disc as well?


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Yes, you can save after the 99th person in Mt Battle, get a Ho Oh, reload the save and get another Ho-Oh. the original savefile will be overwritten once claimed the Pokémon tho, so be sure to backup the file in a secure place before the Pokémon redemption.

Yes, all the Ho-Oh will be unique and you can do the same for the starters in XD GoD.

As for Celebi, if i'm not mistaken, the count is in the Colosseum save file, BUT every GBA game you connect will be checked in its own save file. It's like a double check. 

You can distribute infinite Celebi's to Colosseum this way, yes, but note that at the end you will only have ONE Celebi per Save File. You can of course restore the save file in which the Celebi was not yet claimed and restart the process. All redeemed Celebis will be unique. 

Same for the COLOS Pika.

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@SkyLink98 One more question actually since you know what you're talking about.

1. Pokemon Box Ruby & Sapphire: Normal pokemon eggs have its contents determined at the time of being obtained (species, stats, nature, etc). If I wanted to generate multiple unique eggs for each of the 4 special gift eggs, would it stand that I would need 4 separate save states (each saved prior to receiving said egg)?

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This will sounds very obvious, but you have only few choices:

You can delete your save file each time and restart the transfer over from the first egg generation, or you can take some save states before each egg generation. 

Shortly, yes, you need 4 separate save states BEFORE the Egg is generated on Box. 

Take note that there isn't a consistent way to RNG in Box, if that was the intent. If you want the shiny eggs, you have to RNG a TID/SID in a Gen3 save file to make the "Egg PID" Shiny. 

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