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Anybody have a spare Melmetal out there? (Pokémon HOME Trade)


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Just now, TokoyamiTheDark said:

I got most of my wanted Pokémon from my other thread a few days ago, but I am still lacking a Melmetal. Does anyone out there have a Melmetal they don't care about or something. I do not mind if it came from PkHex, however the trade would have to be done in Pokémon HOME via Friend Trade. Thanks in advance.

Isn't Pokémon HOME friend trade only applicable if the devices are close to each other (which at this point is pretty much local trading)?

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8 minutes ago, TokoyamiTheDark said:

No, there is a Friend code option in which I give you my Friend Code and you accept my friend request. Then, we both choose "Friend Trade" in the app. Then I send you any Pokémon, and you send me a Melmetal. Yep, it can be done even from distant places.

Yes, I know about what the whole friend code and trade thing. I've even done it for myself.


It appears they've changed it to work on internet trade, but friend trade was previously local only.
Not sure if and when they'll change it back. I suggest you to test if friend trades still work over the internet.

Lol, Japanese HOME still lists it for nearby only, despite the fact they temporarily allow(ed?) remote trading

site: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/pokemonhome/trade/

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Sadly I do not have any more friends on HOME. The Pokémons I requested were given by me by a guy in another community, but he got banned for some reason, so I can no longer reach him... Maybe we could try together if it still works :)

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