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Professor's Mewtwo in Sword or Shield?


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I'm going to elaborate on the points already said earlier, tho I do feel like the words should have been able to speak for themselves..


right now it can only be traded between LGPE

Right now, only LGPE can do online trading. It can be traded to other LGPE titles.

On 10/1/2020 at 12:27 PM, ICanSnake said:

You can send it though to your own Home and to your own SwSh game

Can be sent to SWSH via HOME transfer.


It is currently trade locked, so as of right now it can only be traded between LGPE


to your own SwSh game, but you can't trade it to anyone else.

The trade locked mentioned applies to SWSH.
So in SWSH, it presently cannot be traded over the internet.

The only games that presently can trade is LGPE.


Frankly, it feels like for all the questions that followed, the second post already answered it..
Hope this is clear enough :3

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