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Injecting Gen III Event Pokemon: IVs and Nature Editing

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I apologize if this is answered/posted elsewhere. I have looked. Just redirect me if this is redundant.

I am trying to figure out what PKHex qualifies as legal when dealing with event Pokemon, specifically regular event distributions (like PAL Channel Jirachi) and and then those that are from eggs (like JP Wish Bagon).

For either, are there limitations to what IV's or Natures they can have (specific to the particular distribution of course)?

I am also trying to use a PID generator, but it does not seem to generate anything for all 6 perfect (31) IVs. Is this not possible? How can I find the best IV set possible?


Please also link the aforementioned legality guide (I can't find it).

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It checks PID/IVs, but not OTG. As for channel Jirachi, I am not sure if it checks SID.

I would recommend Gen 3 Event Legality Checker: https://github.com/projectpokemon/Gen3EventLegality/releases/tag/v2

It takes a TID/PID and gives you the relevant data. It doesn't check trash data.

As for generating PID/IVs there are no public tools. Most events do not have perfect IVs (or even great IVs) as an option anyways.

I have a 6IV Channel Jirachi somewhere, I can upload it to the events gallery when I get some time.

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Given the complexities of the various RNG systems for Gen 3 events, such as restricted seeds, OTG or SID being part of the generation procedure etc,
I recommend against editing PID/IV/Nature/OTG/ability/SID any 3rd gen event.
Hence, no legality guide will be linked (not sure if one even exists for those)

If you're importing such a mon into one of the later gens, there isn't a real need to get flawless IVs etc.
Gen 6: Ability capsule, can change the mon's ability, from (1) to (2) [and vice versa] if those abilities differ
Gen 7: ^ + Hyper Training can max out IVs (they'll appear to have flawless IVs, and will function that way in battle).
Gen 8: ^ + mints to change stat nature. (edit: and if the leaked content relating to Crown Tundra stays the same [GF added some CT content in the IoA update; for abilities, you can also 1/2 -> HA)

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