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potentially corrupt gen 8 save file help

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I have a sword save file that seems corrupted but i'd like to see if there is any way to salvage it.

My system crashed during an autosave.  I noticed that there are two files, "main" and "backup" that have the same file size, but they both seem to be corrupted - they will not boot ingame or load in pkhex.

In pkhex I get an "attempted to load an unsupported file type/size" error.

After starting a new save, I was able to open it in pkhex, and the corrupted save is the same file size as the new one - so that gives me hope that some of my file might be salvageable.

I also tried to just open the file with a hex editor but it looks like gibberish when done directly.  Can I force pkhex to load the file?  Any ideas or help on how to solve this?

Thank you!


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I did just read this in the forum guide to corrupt saves:

For Switch - There's no solution. The save is dead.
The Switch encrypts the save, so missing a byte is fatal.


I am 40-50 hours into this save so it was tough to realize this.  Sounds like I am truly out of luck.  Any idea why both the backup and the main file were corrupted at the same time (doesn't seem to make sense for the game to have a backup if it writes them both simultaneously, right?)  Do I have to do anything to properly use the backup file?


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@chilidog yeah I don't have any solutions to this.

Got no idea why they both stopped working together. It could have been Auto Save + CFW + exFAT. There was something going around about them a while back if I'm not mistaken.
While I use CFW + exFAT, I don't use Auto Save, so I've never encountered this :/

Also, if your backup file can't load into PKHeX, then it's dead.

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