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illegal Illegal Cleffa Nickname


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I was hoping someone could help me with this.


I've been playing through the pokemon games in order of release trying to go for 100% completion of the game while still enjoying the experience. In Generation II, I went as far as to breed every species of pokemon possible so that they'd have things like my OT and better-rounded stats overall. I've continued this trend into the Generation III games but I've run into something that just doesn't make sense to me. On my Pokemon Ruby save I've hatched a Cleffa and nicknamed it "PII", the romanization of Cleffa's japanese name. I'm prompted with this error:



I'm able to untick Nickname on PKHeX and revert the name to "CLEFFA" and it appears as legal. I've even tried inputting the nickname as "Pii" and it appears legal, but for some reason I get the error when I use "PII" instead. I nicknamed Cleffa in-game so my initial thought that "PII" might be censored was dismissed. I'm partly hoping that maybe this is a bug with PKHeX, but if it isn't, is there some way to get this Cleffa to appear as legal with "PII" for a nickname. I know a logical solution would be to use "Pii" instead, but seeing as how the names in this generation of games is in all caps, I was hoping to keep my Pokemon names' format uniform.

Here's the pk3: 173 - PII - 1F7E1E048AFD.pk3


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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13 minutes ago, mahler_iii said:

My bad. My internet was being funny when I hit submit the first time. I couldn't find my reply so I thought it didn't go through. Appreciate it :PSMD-Normal:

I wasn't just referring to that thread, I was referring to this post too.
I removed the other post, cause this one already exists. No need to have the same post everywhere.

Anyhow, let me breed up some mons in game first.

@Kaphotics not sure if it's the oddity of the game, but Pichu maintains nickname flag, but Cleffa doesn't.

For clarification, I bred these and nicknamed them in-game.
The only modification was what I did prior to them hatching, to change the hatch counter to 1.


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IsNicknamed isn't a stored property; it's derived to help the user edit things (and for legality checks).


I've revised the logic so that it uses the Language value; shows up as legal now:



Back 3+ years ago the PK3.Language field wasn't documented, hence the use of the vague "any language" check like was done for Gen1/2.

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