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6IV Shiny Timid Manaphy


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Hello everyone! After spending a good hour and half trying to figure it out, and with a little help from the forums... I was able to generate a shiny, 6IV, Timid Manaphy that I wanted to share with you all so that you may have it as well. PKHeX is not flagging it as illegal, and it is able to trade through Link Trade! Feel free to download this 6IV, shiny, Timid Manaphy below!


I have included both the .pk7 file, as well as two screenshots of PKHeX (one showing the Pokemon's info, and the other showing the IVs) where you can see the beautiful green check mark.

Manaphy PKHeX Screenshot IVs.jpg

Manaphy PKHeX Screenshot.jpg

490 ★ - 6IV FOX Manaphy - E49D7942EF72.pk7

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Post does not qualify as an event contribution (and additionally we have the Manaphy egg wonder card),
thus thread moved.

And for the record:

38 minutes ago, FOX02101993 said:

it is able to trade through Link Trade!

^ this isn't a criteria for legal Pokémon.
Point: Shiny Keldeo can go online, but that is not legal...

Also, looking at the familiar PID, perhaps you took the PID from the prev shiny Mew you uploaded?
Perhaps you don't know how to gen legal Shiny gen 3-4 (origin) Pokémon? ;3

Also, flawless IVs are pointless to hunt, when transferring up to Gen 6 and above.
The IVs can be bottle capped..

In any case, if you want to learn about solving PID Mismatch:


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