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Manaphy Legality Help, Encounter Type PID Mismatch


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Hello there, I was needing help with the legality of a shiny Manaphy. I have everything edited the way I want and only have one error: Encounter type PID mismatch. I've included the file below, and any help would be incredibly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Update: it does Link Trade over WiFi.

490 ★ - FOX Manaphy - D2F7D0F77477.pk7

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NovaMac... I don’t know what you had to do, but thank you so very much! I was working on this for over an hour trying to make it legal and was about to give up because of that one error. I am so grateful for your time, and work. Thank you again.


Hey, NovaMac... thanks to your help I was able to generate a legal 6IV version by going off your changes and RNG Reporter. I have included the file below. Thank you again!

490 ★ - Legal 6IV FOX Manaphy - E49D7942EF72.pk7

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