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B2W2 Event Trigger when Two Pokemon are in Party

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Hi there

After a few weeks away I have come back to some B2W2 rom hacking

I am trying to trigger an event where a specific NPC will appear only when two certain Pokemon are in your party when you enter the area. (The NPC has a flag set in the Overworld file ready)

I have looked at the Regigigas event script, which works in terms of triggering the event - but the NPC exists as there is no flag command within the 1018 script for the Regigigas event. (Regigigas always appears and only dissapears when you battle / run / capture it.

Additionally I looked at the BW1 script from the Abundant Shrine where if you have both Tornadus & Thundurus in your party, it will trigger Landorus to appear at the Shrine.
However I am struggling to understand which specific part of the script is requied to achieve what I am trying to do.

(I would like to put the entire BW1 Landorus event into B2W2 ideally at some point, I did try adding it in briefly but failed miserable - so that would be a future task)

If I attached the specific scripts I have mentioned here, would anyone be able to help point me in the right direction please to help work this out and apply it?

Many Thanks

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FYI I worked it out!

Did some editting on the Regigigas script and manage to get my script working.

Basically now if you have Tornadus and Thundurus in your party and visit the Abundant Shrine, the Reveal Glass event will now play once.

I have also made it so Landorus appears after a white flash, once the man moves off screen after giving you the item.

I am happy to share the Script and Overworld file for it if needed.

I will in the future change it so Landorus flies down to the shrine like in BW1, I will look into how I add that movement in after my previous attempt failed.

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