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how can i get any pokemon?

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10 minutes ago, Hayato213 said:

Go to a forum such as gamefaqs or neoseeker trade for those pokemon if you don't have a modded unit.

Do you think i can get them for free? Because i dont have shinies and i dont want to give my legendaries. 

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There are groups on discord that have giveaways every now and them, I know some people on gamefaqs have done it in the past, check the forums. There are also bots on discord channels where you can send a pk8 file and it will trade that pokemon so you in theory you can find the pk8 file for the event pokemon that you want (i.e. shiny zeraora, magearna, gen 7 shiny lunala) and use the bot to generate the pokemon and trade it to you.

As a piece of advice, do not trade your legendaries, with all the cloning and hacks it's not worthy and you could get hacked pokemons in return (it may be hard to know if they are hacked if you can't verify them with pkhex but in general, stay away from 6IV pokemons)

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