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How to add non-event pokemon

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Hello! So I'm a complete noob to PKHeX and I can't seem to figure out how to add a non-event pokemon to my US file on Citra. It says Unable to match an encounter from an origin game. Am I only able to save edit in Pokemon either from an event or are actually able to spawn in the selected game? Also, I'm only planning on adding a Pokemon if I'm struggling. I'm planning on not using the Pokemon I added again after it served it's purpose so I'm not attempting to do this for battling.

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2 hours ago, Delta Blast Burn said:

You can ignore that message if you don't care about legality, which I assume you don't mind too much since you said it was for personal use.

Oh ok. I figured the message would make it not work. Thanks for telling me! And no I don't care about legality. I think the pokemon would be considered hacked anyways.

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That's because you didn't fill up the location information correctly, for example, if you want to upload a Stuful, the caught location should be route 8 and the caught level should be between 17-20.

If you breed the genned pokemon with a ditto, the new pokemon would be legit or you could use pokemon from save games uploaded by other users, those pokemon have the correct information and it's easier than generating them from scratch.

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