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PKHeX - Memory edit

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Hello Project-Team,

I have a problem with the memory of few mons. I created for example a Kramor with a certain Memory but when I go to Jack (Pokemon Center Memory Checker) he says that my Kramor got "traded".

But the memory I chose for Kramor was:


The Problem is, it should be recognized that I caught it in a Pokemon Den so it will makes no sense when the memory says the mon got traded.

Another strange thing is, that this happend on 4 mons I created with the Encounter Database and the other 7 are not effected. The memory by the other 7 mons got changed too, but not in "traded", it changed to something like this: "Pokemon practiced its cool pose for the move .... in a Box, whising to be praised ......... .

As I recognized this, I traded a Pokemon where the memory did not say it was "traded" but know it changes to "traded" as well.

Can someone help me out, why the memories get so mixed up and know every memory is changing to "traded"?

Thank you so much!

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