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Legal Gale of Darkness base for USUM

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I want to send some pokemon from Ultra Sun to PKM Sword and I would like these Pokémon to have the Triumphant title that they get from having been transferred from Gale of Darkness. Only one problem...I don’t have a method to do this and I really want that title. Does anyone have a gale of darkness base for ultra sun that I can edit ivs, shiny value and species on that’s legal? I don’t plan to use this online, however I would enjoy them being legal for my own peace of mind. PM me or reply here. 

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On 7/30/2020 at 4:32 PM, Hayato213 said:

You can look through the downloads section of the forum, there are some Gale of XD/Colosseum files. 

I know there are colosseum files but I’m looking for Pokémon ultra sun files that say the Pokémon came from colosseum. I don’t have Gale of Darkness, I only have Pokémon Ultra Sun and I want to send Pokémon originating from GoD from my Pokémon US/UM game to Pokémon Sword. Hope that makes sense.

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