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Need help getting a shiny Pirouette Meloetta for Home


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2 hours ago, Lilligant said:

Been looking for a shiny Pirouette Meloetta for Home. I’ve seen that some people have it, how can I get one? 

First off, your post does not count towards user submitted news. In the future, create your post in the correct subforum.

Next, there has yet to been a distribution of Shiny Meloetta. What you saw was obviously something hacked.

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Assuming you're only looking to have/use it privately, which is all you can do since it's illegal and won't work online, all you'd need to do is inject the shiny pirouette Meloetta into a gen 6/7 game, put it into Bank, then transfer it to HOME. It's considered 'significantly hacked', and is illegal, so be careful regardless. I've attached a .pk6 file of a Meloetta you could transfer to HOME.

648-01 ★ - Meloetta - F093886641BD.pk6

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38 minutes ago, AsteroidPizza39 said:

I didn't get banned when transferring all the gen 8 mons into HOME via bank, but alright

Not a good enough reason to risk other people getting banned.
You may get banned at any time, who knows.

38 minutes ago, AsteroidPizza39 said:

There haven't been any ban waves after the initial wave in the first launch week of HOME (back in February)

Key phrase: haven't been.

Have not been. Or in other words, have yet to be.
There have yet to be any bans.
So it could occur anytime in the future, you just don't know.
Are you gonna claim responsibility if someone else's device got banned? Are you gonna reimburse them?

The OP might not understand the implications of using illegal stuff on their own devices. Hence, you always need to be upfront about this kind of thing. :3

(Do not mistake their present inaction, for permanent inaction.
We can't see the future, it can always happen)

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