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Soulsilver corrupt data after saving


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Hi guys, I've been having some trouble with saving data on my soulsilver retail cart.

After completing the game myself, I decided to save a backup and play in one of the contributed saves in the threads, this was about a year ago and everything seemed to work fine (i could save and open the game without difficulty).

Recently I wanted to get into rng and decided to change both the sid and tid of the save through pkhex. Exported it and it restored perfectly.

After about an hour of playing I decided to save the game and edit a few Pokemon through pksm (just a bit of fun, added pokerus into a chatot).

Booted the game up, played a bit, saved and soft resetted. After the opening cutscenes, I got the blue corruption screen.

Now whatever save I use, either a file found in the user contributed saves thread or a backup of the previous saves, the same results after saving the game happens. The main issue now that I think about it would be because I changed the OT/SID/TID of these saves?


After a while of researching, I've realised that when saving the message reads 'saving a lot of data'. This lead me to the github page about an issue from editing box data in HGSS which caused this bug. Does anyone know any other ways to resolve this (don't really want to save multiple times due to the nature of RNG

Heres the page https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/issues/2697


EDIT: Ignore this, ive found solutions


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On 10/15/2020 at 12:16 AM, PBJohnson_4 said:

What were the solutions?? I’m facing the same issues

The solution that works for me, is after loading into my save I take a step or just move around the map I'm loaded into then save, and restart. When I restart the game everything is fine but I always double check it. I noticed changing the map I'm on and then saving doesn't work and fails to fix the issue.

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