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Question regarding Home tracker


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So I got a few pokemon in home gts that I'm betting were clone with the glitch egg. Shiny legends for kubfu and urshifu. I saw this video of a guy testing trading duped mons through home with a friend and one of the instances gets deleted. Seems even with the tracker changing when placing in a diferent home the system probably tracks either the old tracker of a combination of the old tracker and the pokemon pid.

I wanted to edit these pokemon, reroll their pid and change the tracker. Not sure if I should zero it out or put in a random tracker. 

What do you guys think would be the best way to make sure these pokemon can't be linked to the all other clones that are probably out there and keep it so that home wouldn't find it illegal?

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You should be safe, they no more delete any clone.

Now the tracker change every time you transfer a pokemon from the game to Home.

Plus, if you transfer more pokemons with the same tracker to Home (clones), they will get new different trackers each one.

No one know if it's safe, but if they will decide to ban for Tracker Spoofing or cloning, the majority of people will get banned, as a clone or an hacked mon can be received through trades and gts.

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They stopped deleting clones? When was this?


According to this guy 3 months ago: 

 they were deleting even after sending to a different home when both clones got traded so that would mean they weren't only tracking the current track number since that changes with every different home account.

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54 minutes ago, zehl said:

And how is the spoofed tracker situation?

Do they accept a random tracker or do you have to zero it out and let home give it a new one?

whenever you enter HOME, a new tracker is given. Not known if they log the old tracker info, however. If they do, and it creates a chain of information for every mon, they can use that to determine that you have a fake tracker. What they do with that information, we don't know..

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8 minutes ago, KidW said:

A new tracker is given whenever entering home means there isn’t a fixed tracker to a mon and cloning mon that has been to home will get a new tracker when placed in home?

It sounds like you're ignoring the part where


Not known if they log the old tracker info

As for your question, yes, they'll get a new tracker.
However, it is not known if they'll log the old tracker in the details for the new tracker, and whether it'll they can determined that the old tracker appeared more than once (because it's been cloned, so WILL appear in HOME more than once.)

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