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Dumping Games for pkNX ROM Editing/Randomization

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I am trying to edit pokemon in Sword 1.3.2 ((Ver. 1.3.2) Pokémon Sword - 0100ABF008968000 v458752 ( (UPD)).  Got the dump made properly, and it loads fine. However, things are only fine at first glance.

When opening the pokemon editor and checking the evolutions, for example "Raboot - 814", the evolution shown is for another pokemon altogether. I have not randomized anything yet, this is from a fresh dump. Fine, maybe a weird quirk or whatever, so I go on and edit the typing and learnset for Raboot, click save, check that it remembered the changes, save again. I now have another folder called "0100ABF008968000" in my romfs and exefs directory, I am led to believe that everything worked just fine. The folder contains over 800 files though, which is kind of strange, considering that I made a single change to a single pokemon.

I copy over the folder to my Atmosphere/contents directory, reboot my switch, start up Sword, and nothing has changed about the pokemon. It's still only fire type (instead of fire / fighting), can't learn any of the new TR/Tutor moves I've added, and still evolves into the normal evolution. What's going on here? Am I missing something? Is there something wrong with my dump, or is it the program? Apparently PKNx tells me that a Liepard evolves into a Sharpedo at lvl. 30, and a Haxorus into Cherrim at lvl 30, for example. There's something pretty wonky, and I just double-checked that it's the same with a fresh dump, loaded up the first time. Help?

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