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US/UM Ho-Oh/Lugia Shiny with HA?


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14 hours ago, Dark_Ansem said:

Excellent thank you. I just wanted to move them to IV in order to teach Roost, then keep them in Home until Crown Tundra comes.

you can't import from VC into Gen IV. VC has to directly go to Gen VII.

Looking at Roost, the only games that can teach it are Gen IV to Gen VII games.
Hidden ability Ho-Oh/Lugia can be obtained in Gen V, and Roost can be taught to em there.
But those can't be shiny.

As far as I can tell, you are stuck with having to choose two:

(DNE mean Does not exist legally)

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1 hour ago, sceptios said:

I'm pretty sure the following would work.

  1. Catch Shiny Lugia/Ho-oh in VC Gen II
  2. Send to Bank (this gives them their HA)
  3. Withdraw in Gen VII and teach Roost via TM19.

Thank you. I agree - and it probably would be possible to do so without gaining a single level.

Question, however: how would the final mon look like, in PkHex?

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8 hours ago, Dark_Ansem said:

How does sending to Bank give HA?

As you may recall, there's no abilities in Gen 1 and Gen 2 VC. (abilities were only introduced in Gen 3, and HA only introduced in Gen 5).
When you use Transporter, it assigns HA to any mons that are transferred up from VC 1 or VC 2.
[Also, kindly remember VC 1 & 2 mons go straight into Gen 7 format.
Even tho they're sitting in Bank, they cannot be withdrawn into Gen 6.]

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