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National Ribbon PKHeX


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Hi, Im just creating an absol with all possible ribbons, but i just got stucked. The only way pkhex shows the pokemon as legal is if it was capture in colo/xd, if its transfered for any other game it shows its illegal. there is the .ck3 file for anyone can help me to figure this out. Thanks :)


359 ★ - Blanc - DD1CA7970B68.ck3

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forgot an image
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On 10/19/2020 at 5:18 AM, StonedSaiyan97 said:

so what would be the proper format for a tyranitar from colo? ive been at it for months and cant figure it out for the life of me. if anyone has the file info i would appriceate it. to clarify im trying to bring this mon to shield



Jolly and Adamant Tyranitar attached with National Ribbon max ivs except for spA due to PID calculations.

248_-_Tyranitar_-_D8D91ED80AA2.pk8 248_-_Tyranitar_-_EF8D31D10483.pk8

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