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Research: v1.2 Save File Sizes


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With the update of Pokemon SWSH v1.2, save file sizes have increased. The new save file size is 1575705 bytes, but we have seen some save files which are 1575632 bytes.

The first release (literally few minutes in) of the latest update of PKHeX didn't account for this, but PKHeX was quickly patched to account for the "dwarfed" save size. If you are unable to load the save with a 1575632-sized save, redownload PKHeX.

What we want to know is why there are two different save file sizes. The current working theory is that there are two upgrade paths:

v1.0 -> v1.1 -> v1.2 would yield 1575705 bytes, while
v1.0 -> v1.2 would yield 1575632 bytes.

Quite possibly, we would see this for users with both games, with one as their main (e.g. I play Sword but have Shield for completion reasons, and have not played Shield since v1.0).

If you have a save file that is 1575632 bytes in size, please help us confirm this theory by letting us know if you went from a v1.0 save to a v1.2 save (save was last used in v1.0, never saved in v1.1, game updated straight to v1.2 and saved).


Tagging people who reported: @pkmfan @JellyBunny @supersemantic @Hakann757
CC: @Kaphotics

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It would work for me.
I have installed version 1.0 of a module on my CFW Switch.
Then I upgraded my game to version 1.1 and immediately afterwards to version 1.2 (I didn't know that v1.1 was included in v1.2)

So I never saved in Version 1.1

Size is 1.575.632 Bytes now

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I wish I could help, I make save backup of my games occasionally, so I have a v1.0 save, a v1.1 save and a v1.2 save.


Would it be fair if I try to restore the v1.0 save and to the v1.2 game then save it to see if the theory is right?


Edit: (I can't use PKHeX for now, but I'm willing to share a save for research purposes).

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