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PKHeX 20.06.19


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  • Hello everyone, I have a problem with the main pokemon shield. I save my game so I can edit it with PKHEX and when I try to open it it tells me that the input file is very large.
    I don't know what to do, I have erased again and started a new game until the first medal, and I still get the same, it won't let me edit it with PKHEX. Help, thanks!

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16 hours ago, ReignOfComputer said:

Can you let us know what was the last action you did before receiving this error?

TBH I don't really know what went wrong, i spawned all DLC Pokemons, but Zarude seems really buggy when I spawned it in. Besides that nothing else went wrongZarudeZZ

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2 hours ago, ReedMaverick said:

Theres no way to save max raids den changes with thw software. Is it a bug/error?


7 hours ago, Crassmaker said:

Save and Cancel buttons are swapped, so use cancel instead of save, until they fix this issue.

Did you try this? ^^^

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10 hours ago, ilmiotempo said:

has podido solucionarlo? me pasa con pokemon espada el archivo es demasiado grande, HELP!

la solucion fue mucho mas sencilla, primero descarga el master (.zip) de la pagina de pkhex en github la rama master, luego descarga el nuevo pkhex de aqui, la actual version acaba de salir hoy y funciona de maravilla(20200622) y procura dumpear bien el save ya que ese fue mi error 

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3 hours ago, ReedMaverick said:

It Worked Thank you for the help.

There is a new update up, which fixed this swap.


What's New in Version 20.06.22   

Released 15 hours ago

PKHeX - By Kaphotics

20/06/22 - New Update:
 - Legality:
 - - Handled edge cases from various reports, and added the event gift data from the recent events.
 - - Fixed: Verification for Neutral nature mint, IoA hatch location, Galarian Slowbro, raid Hidden Ability, Master Rank ribbon.
 - Added: SWSH save file size recognition for 1.0 saves that were directly upgraded to 1.2 (skipped 1.1 unused block additions).
 - Added: Urshifu-1 Gigantamax form now can be toggled in the Pokédex editor. Thanks @sora10pls!
 - Fixed: Raid details now save correctly when clicking Save, and show the correct amount of raids.
 - Changed: Spanish and Chinese translations have been updated. Thanks @XxPhoenix1996xX, @easyworld, @gjfkkk!


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