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Welcome to two more of my hacks, done with StarsMmd's tools. This time I remixed Pokémon Colosseum and XD with changes accross the board. This is based on a idea from a friend that wanted to make a hack for Leaf Green but had technical issues.


-Changes to all Pokémon. Typing, abilities and stats are changed to something that is thematically better or help the Pokémon.

-Every Pokemon has one ability.

-Moves rebalanced. Almost every move is now useful and serves at least a niche.

-Different Shadow Pokémon, making enphasis in the ones with most changes.

-All trainers are changed, specially bosses. Bosses on XD only have one Shadow Pokémon.





Pokémon Colosseum ReduX

Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness ReduX

The most noticeable changes



-Pidgey, Spearow, Hoothoot, Taillow and Swablu are pure Flying type

-Bulbasaur is now pure Grass type.

-Ekans and Seviper are now Poison/Dark

-Butterfree and Venonat are now Bug/Psychic

-Sandshrew is now Ground/Poison

-Nidoking and Nidoqueen are now Poison/Fighting

-Krabby is now Water/Bug

-Pinsir is now Bug/Fighting

-Kangaskhan is now Fighting type

-Marill is now Water/Normal

-Girafarig is now Psychic/Dark

-Slugma has the Water Absorb ability

-Sneasel, Corphish , Carvanha and Absol have better Special Attack.

-Mawile is now Steel/Dark


-Moves that require one turn to execute like Dig, Dive, Skull Bash, Razor Wind and Future Sight deal much more damage

-Vicegrip is bug type

-Weak moves like Leech Life, Poison Sting, Smog, Lick or Astonish are stronger

-Trap moves like Wrap, Whirlpool and Fire Spin deal more damage when executed

-Moves like Comet Punch, Mega Punch, Mega kick, Thrash and Strenght are now Fighting type


-Many more changes for you to discover!

Known bugs:

-The Eldes fight is bugged. He clones his Shadow Pokémon.

-CD Battles will probably not work well because of all the changes.


Check out my other hack:


Edited by JagGentlemann
04/07/2020 - Colosseum ReduX held item fix
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Are there other changes, like which Pokémon can be caught in the wild in XD and which Pokémon are Shadow Pokémon?

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I got softlocked. After I beat Cail, the cutscene for the missing Windmill gear never plays.

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