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Special Tournament - OU Pokémon 12/21/09

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Special Tournament - OU Pokémon 12/21/09

No Players: 16

Type: 1v1


To qualify for this tournament you must have a part that contains at least four (4) OU Pokémon. Up to two (2) Pokémon from lower classes will be allowed; no ubers! Entry for the tournament will close on the night before 12/19. Check back to see whom your opponent is so you can work out arrangements.



Species: You may not put more than one species of Pokemon in a team. For example, you may not put two Gyarados... or even six Bidoof on one team.

OHKO: OHKO moves are banned (Fissure/Horn Drill/Guillotine/Sheer Cold)

Sleep: Only one Pokemon may be put to sleep at a time (barring Rest)

Freeze: Only one Pokemon may be frozen at a time (automatically done by Shoddy's simulator... is not controlled in real Wifi Battles)

Evasion: Double Team/Minimize are banned. Uncontrollable aspects like Sand Veil and Snow Cloak are still allowed though.

Timed Battle: There is a time limit implemented per move (5 minutes per decision)


No Pokémon, EVs, IVs, or items held may be changed. Once you start your first match you will have to use that team for the remainder of the tournament.

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