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My brother and I recently decided to create completely new teams to battle each other with in diamond/pearl. So instead of spending two weeks training pokemon we will use once or twice, the easier option seemed to be to use some kind of Gameshark-like device.

So, we located an Action Replay and downloaded Pokesav to create pokemon teams but we're not sure what the parameters are exactly of the program. Usually, I'm against cheating but in this case, we will only be battling each other and not affecting anyone else.

My question: what exactly will the Acton Replay code change in the game? All I did start up the program and change the first pokemon in the party and saved it as a test. Now when I put that code onto the Action Replayl and use the pearl code, will that change only my first pokemon? I don't want all of my save data to be suddenly erased.

Note: I plan to manually put the code onto the action replay by typing it in because I do not have the software or the hookups for the action replay.

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