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Pokemon X Corrupt Save File


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Hi guys, I downloaded PKHEX on my windows laptop and I just added some TMs, items, and berries in my bag on that save. I also made Froakie a shiny with max IVs and 252 EV on SpAtk and Speed and 4 Atk. Then, I uploaded the PKHEX save file I made to my Google Drive and then downloaded here on Mac since this is where I use Citra as I cannot use it on my Windows due to my graphics card. and PKHEX only works on windows. I really need it badly. Thank you!


I uploaded the screenshot and the save file as well. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 02.01.24.png


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tfw you export a pkm file, rename it "main", and expect it to behave as if it were a save file :D


PKHeX can work on Mac too.

You should really be playing this on your legitimately purchased 3DS and cartridge/digital purchase, rather than on an emulator where you've dumped your legitimately purchased game via your legitimately purchased 3DS. Just sayin'

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