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Possible to "borrow" someone's 3DS to transfer citra pokemon to Pokemon Home?

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Is it possible to use another person's 3DS to transfer my Pokemon from my Poke Bank to my Pokemon Home? Basically like borrowing someone else's 3DS to use as a proxy to facilitate the transfer?

I know that's a strange question, but up until Sword/Shield I've been playing the games via emulator and, as such, don't have access to a Poke Bank, just my main/save files. Since I can't mod my Switch Lite (nor do I know if I would want to at this point), I can't really get the Pokemon I've caught on the emulator versions of the game to my Pokemon Home unless I buy a 3DS, buy a gen 7 game, mod the 3ds, import my save files, transfer to my Poke Bank, then transfer finally into my Pokemon Home where they can (hopefully) live happily ever after. I don't think it would take that long or be that expensive, but I would end up with a 3DS and game that I won't use again, especially since I prefer the emulator versions of the 3DS anyway.

If this is even possible, would anyone be willing to help make it work? Could be a cool experience, and would definitely slide some cash your way!

Also, I'm unsure if this is the correct discussion area, but it seemed to fit better than in the saves section...

edit: ah! Just noticed the wifi trading discussion and that this exact question has already been asked, and I believe theSLAYER also suggested my solution. If a mod could move it, that would be appreciated!

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