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Pokemon Emerald time based events not working despite battery being fine.


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Hey guys, recently I backed up my Emerald save file and used the save on VBA before restoring the save back to my Emerald cartridge. 

I've just now discovered loading up saves in emulator mess up certain time based events (berries, lottery) when restored back to cartridge, so now I'm wondering if theres a fix to this problem.

Thank you!


Glitch explained here: 


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I assume the time in the save was updated to the current time from your computer. You could probably use the GBA RTC changer homebrew to make the time on your cartridge the same as real time. Or adjusted enough that the time in game still looks right.

If I remember right the way time works in those games is that the RTC in carts starts at a set date and time then when you put in the time of day in game it just offsets from that. So that is why it might need to be offset a little to get night and day to line up.

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