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HG game freezes at certain Pokedex entries after restoring edited save


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So I recently decided to start a new game on HeartGold, and wanted to transfer my Pokemon from the previous save file. So...

I backed up the save with TWLSaveTool,

deleted my old save on the cartridge,

started a new game,

backed up the new save,

used PKHex to transfer all the Pokemon from the old save to the new save (before getting my starter or Pokedex),

restored the new, edited save back onto the cartridge,

and continued to play through the game.

It didn't seem to have any problems until I opened my Pokedex and noticed that the game will crash when I hover over certain entries (namely Nidoqueen, Blissey, Alakazam). However I can view their summaries in my PC just fine. None of these Pokemon appeared illegitimate in PKHex.

Did I maybe screw something up by transferring everything BEFORE getting my Pokedex? Should I have waited until after? Noob PKHex user here 😬

I'm using a original 3DS if that helps.




EDIT: Just tested my theory, restarted, played through the game until I got my Pokedex (and a badge just in case), and transferred everything again with PKHex. Didn't work. Still crashes at the same point. Any other ideas?

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Hey, I had the same problem, but Pearl crashed when trying to look at Cresselia.

The way I fixed it was by loading the modified save file into PKHex, and I removed Cresselia's seen and caught check marks.

I then exported the save file, loaded the new save into PKHex and re-checked Cresselia.

I exported it a second time and when loading it on my 3DS, it doesn't crash anymore.


Hope this helps.

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