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World Ribbon Legality


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Hello! I have a question about the World Ribbon that exists in Gen 3:

PKHeX says it is legal to have in a Gen 3 game (in this case Emerald), but when I drag the .pk3 file onto a Gen 4 game it's flagged as illegal because the World Ribbon is apparently invalid: "Invalid: Invalid Ribbons: World"

How can a pokemon be legal in one game but when the same Pokemon is transferred it is illegal?




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that ribbon was given out to people who actually won the world championship's back in the gen 3 days. I'm guessing there's a flag in the games files to see if you actually got the ribbon for reals and not hacking it in through pkhex or gameshark. idk much but I know where the ribbon is from and how you could get one back then.

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