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Could someone please rate my team/moveset and suggest moves/team replacements.

Charizard LV: 42

Move 1: Return

Move 2: Flamethrower

Move 3: Quick Attack

Move 4: Cut

Giratina LV: 48

Move 1: Fly

Move 2: Ancient Power

Move 3: Dragon Claw

Move 4: Shadow Force

Empoleon LV: 52

Move 1: Surf

Move 2: Waterfall

Move 3: Defog

Move 4: Metal Claw

Torterra LV: 37

Move 1: Rock Smash

Move 2: Earthquake

Move 3: Bite

Move 4: Razor Leaf

Rotom LV: 35

Move 1: Thunder Shock

Move 2: Confuse Ray

Move 3: Shock Wave

Move 4: Hydro Pump

Alakazam LV: 64

Move 1: Psychic

Move 2: Thunder Punch

Move 3: Fire Punch

Move 4: Ice Punch

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That Alakazam needs fixing, fast. There was a physical/special split for fourth gen, and now the elemental punches aren't special anymore. I'd suggest signal beam for getting rid of enemy psychics and dark types, especially dark types. Shadow Ball for enemy ghosts and Calm Mind for powering up your special stats in battle.

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