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Is it possible to edit the Johto Safari Zone to be upgraded fully?


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Hi everyone,


I've never touched the HGSS games at all before, but I have a huge problem. Both during my original play (where I far exceeded even 200 days of continuous play days without messing with the clock) as well as when I tried to do the "11:59PM/Let clock roll over" method, Baboa just won't ever call me after I have received the third set of blocks.


Naturally, this is really annoying. Is it possible to edit this somehow, perhaps in PkHex? I'm super, super bad with technology so I don't know the extend of which maybe hexeditors could do this without messing anything else up (and I'd probably ruin it, truthfully) but I just really want the safari zone to be upgraded properly.


Thanks so much for any help!

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Well here's what it says on Bulbapedia in regards to obtaining the blocks:
After the player has both received the National PokéDex from Professor Oak, and 3 hours of gameplay have passed after completion of Baoba's second challenge, Baoba will call the player to tell them that he has come up with a new idea for the Safari Zone. After receiving this call, the player will be able to place blocks in each active area of the Safari Zone. Each active area can contain up to 30 blocks at one time. Initially, the player will have access to only 6 block items. After another 3 hours of gameplay, Baoba will call the player again and add 6 new blocks. This cycle will repeat 2 more times until the player has been granted access to all 24 different block items.

So it's time-based going by actual game time, not the clock. That being said, as far as I'm aware, there is no way to edit the Johto Safari Zone currently in PKHeX, though it would certainly be a very useful feature to have in the future (particularly as a shortcut to the crazy long time it takes to level up the Safari Zone blocks needed for certain Pokémon).

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