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trading Pokemon Ultra Sun PKhex help


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Would anyone be willing to inject some Pokemon and trade them to me? Preferably at the lowest possible level that Pokemon bank and home will allow. If the legendaries cannot be sent into Pokemon bank and home with nicknames, please just leave them with their normal name's. Seeing as I can rename them in Pokemon sword. Thank you in advance.

Jirachi: Nickname Spaca

Shayman: Nickname Mielikki

Darkrai: Nickname Kira

Mew: Nickname Myu

Shiny Celebi: Nickname Mikuru

Shiny Lugia: Nickname Galaxia

moeletta: nickname melody

Diance nickname Diora

Keldeo nickname Kathie

Magearna nickname Mal

Zaerora Nickname Zynga

Marshadow Nickname Marshie

Victini: Nickname Victoria

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