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Coco Movie Celebi


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Does anyone have access to the pk8 file for the Event Celebi that was released in Japan on the 17th? I’m really trying to find it but I can’t find anything about it anywhere. Did it get delayed or should we expect it soon?

Thanks everyone!! 

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On 4/20/2020 at 5:39 PM, minx said:

anyone found it?


"It" does not exist. No need to revive this thread.
Perhaps youtubers will speculate, but as of writing, an official date does not exist.
The Official Pokémon JP site or Twitter will post it if a date ever gets decided.

As of now, the movie dates have not been delayed.
As long as the movie dates are not delayed, latest time to expect Zarude and shiny Celebi is the movie airing date.

If the movie gets delayed, well just wait some more.


edit: In case people needed proof (link)image.png

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