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Help with my Secret ID - Pokémon Heartgold/Black

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Hi guys! I am new on these forums, I am a peruvian pokémon player and I need your help. I am using the RNG Abuse to get perfect shiny pokémon on my Pearl but it is so difficult since there too many roaming NPC's near the Day Care. I want to do it on my Heartgold and my Black but I don't know my Secret ID's on those games. I know there are ways to RNG my ID's but the fact it is that I have been playing since 2010 and 2011, so I have many data and I do not want to lose it. On my Pearl, I could figure out my SID because I was so lucky to catch many shinies and I used their IV's to find what I want, but on my HeartGold and my Black I was not lucky enough, so I would like your help, pleas!

I know that using PkHex I can see my save file and my SID but I do not have the tools to use it and I'm afraid to do it so.

I was thinking about sending some pokemon from those games to someone who can help me. By the way, I also have Pokemon Shield so we can trade.

Thank you so much!

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