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PKHeX Bug (Red VC): party box data erroneous


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Opening the attached save, a few things displayed and saved erroneously for the party box mons.

- The Charizard is listed with incorrect species Nidoran(m)
- Traded-In mons with trainer name Grinder have TID of zero (should be 1290)

Saving the file makes the errors persist.

In the VC Red game, data looks ok (Charizard is species Charizard, Trainer IDs are correct).

I had a quick look in the PC Boxes, there the data seems to be ok. (Box 2 & 12 have the traded mons).

The game is original, bought in the e-shop.

I've saved the files with JKSM and Checkpoint, both save dumps seem to be identical (sha256sums are the same).


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