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No editing, nothing. I was RNGing every pokemon in Colo and I could not RNG this one. While I was trying to rng it I used savestate before getting it to calibrate and give a second try but messed up. When I reload my savestate game did not give me another one. So have to load game normally to keep it. Not sure if this issue had impact on it thought. Other that it is what game generated. 

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It was like a year ago. After that I continued game and got new savestates for some other reasons and do not have savestates anymore. I can share base save via private massage. It took me about a month to RNG all pokemon so don't wanna share it here. I have two save before and after getting it. You can do 100 battle and get it again or  check what I received. 

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1 hour ago, SkyLink24 said:

Sorry for writing in an old thread, but have you guys any news about this? 

I would like to know if it is possibile to legitimate obtain a Fateful Encounter Ho-Oh from Colosseum by myself :)


I've yet to find the time to play through the 100 battles on Colo JP myself.
If any of our team do do it, they'll share the results.

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@ozderya I know it's a bit late, but based on recent findings across the community, it appears they found the source of the issue.

All Ho-Oh from Colosseum, that is *still in Colosseum/Pokemon in Colosseum format* (like yours) will have the Fateful Encounter flag checked.

This appears to be a mistake related to the Fateful Encounter flag being incorrect documented for Colosseum.
Additionally, if you trade your Ho-Oh out from Colosseum to a GBA game normally, then proceed to use PKHeX to check the GBA Gen 3 save, it would not have the Fateful Encounter flagged.

Just keeping you updated :3

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