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pkhex New user in need of help!


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Hey to everyone. I have a question that i have yet to find the answer for doing my own research.


I have CFW on my 3DS and use PKSM on it to edit and Gen Pokemon.  Later (very recently) I started to use PKheX to do the same.

Long story short, PKSM is able to import pokemon from PKheX so long as they are in the correct format of .PK7

You simply save the pokemon to a specific file on the 3DS SD card/ put the SD in the DS/ fire up PKSM and tell PKSM to import the PK7 files from that folder.

I just made a rather large team of pokemon and need to get them into the card, but when I save the group "File/Export Save/Export main" it saves the WHOLE JOB in a format I cannot use.

THEN, if I use "file/PKM" it save it in the correct PK7 format but just one mon at a time. 

question: Is there a way to get an entire group to save as PK7? If so, how?

I appreciate y'all taking a second to help.

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